Stavanger-Oslo-London-Bangkok Day 1&2

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Stepping out of the huge Boeing 747 I breathed in the heavy humid air as I looked around at the familiar surroundings.
This was the 3rd plane I’d been on in the last 24 hours. half of which were spent on this one from London Heathrow.
Bangkok, the city with lots of surprises and gloriously cheap stuff!
My hands were itching to spend some cash.
Soon we were cruising down the highway headed for downtown  Bk at way too high speeds for my comfort. Seatbelt? Nah,… who needs that!

The hotel I’m staying at is called Stable Lodge. Quite a nice little place situated very centrally. It even has a small pool.

The hotel were currently at.

The evening was spent “eating out Indian” at a vegetarian place our teacher insisted on being THE BEST. All I know is they had VERY good mango milkshakes. I had two, and felt queasy. The food was extranormously spicy, not mine. But everyone else in the groupcomplained of it.

The delicious mango drink

Then we went across the street to Manhattan Custom tailors and yes, had custom suits ordered! I, being all cheap and poor as I am only got a jacket. Cost me a little over 500$ 100$ for a custom jacket with silk lining a matching tie and my name sewn on it.
It’ll be ready in less than 48 hours.  Dandy!

The colors i chose for the blazer and the Lining as well as the tie.

It is now terribly late and I should be getting some much needed sleep as tomorrow will be a busy day with visits to Elephant camps and The Floating Market.

For those of you who know norwegian: A short Video Blog


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