Aussie land: Day 1

Customs in Australia are the strictest I have ever experienced. Nuff said.

It’s a new day and about 8AM as I step onto true Australia soil.
New continent: check
New country: check
We are greeted by our bus driver that is to take us to Bondi Beach where we are staying. When we saw the bus that we were about to take we were all quite surprised.

The Party Bus
was what it was called. The driver, a university professor told us it’s story.
During the daytime it serves as a completely normal bus service, but at night it is converted into a party on wheels. 80 people crammed into a bus for 20 people, pumping music and flashing lights. A party on wheels rocking and rolling the streets of Sydney City.

Bondi Beach, about 50m from where i'm staying

Bondi Beach
is located anything from 15 to 50minutes drive from downtown Sydney, all depending on the traffic. It’s a surfers heaven with a beautiful beach stretching about 1km along the bay. the water is crystal clear, and surfers can be seen riding the surf from dawn to dusk.

Lovise at a lookout point at Bondi

We left our bags at Bondi Beach Backpacker and immediately headed for the beach. Me and Espen went looking for longboards in the local skate and surf shops as we wanted to buy one. They are about half the price of ones in Norway. I bought a 35 inch board that I plan on getting into my backpack for the trip back.
Then I grabbed a surfboard from the hotel and headed for the beach.

Lovise at a lookout point at Bondi

In the evening we ate out at Bondi Pizza Bar which had amazing pizzas for 20AUD

After that we were all so tired we went to sleep.


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