Travels at 35000 foot

I’m writing this
as my plane cruises over the Indian ocean. At 35,000 feet the temperature lies at a chilly -42 degrees Celsius. This is Lost territories. I must say, 4 years ago when I started watching the Tv Show Lost I had no idea my travels would take me to such close premises in the next few years.

4 hours left.
As the tip of the plane hits the North coast of the land down under. The Great Sandy Desert stretches for what seems like thousands of miles up ahead. The local time is 3:06 AM. It’s night down there.

Airborne sunrise


When you travel long distances
over multiple time zones the days seem to blend into each other in one big timescape of fun and excitement and way too little sleep. It’s still February 16th by Thai time so I’m on schedule with this blog post. I have found my new travel song. It’s called Chemistry Set by Peter and the Wolf.

Let me tell you a bit about today
Breakfast at a reasonable time of 10:30 AM. Or at least it would have been if I hadn’t happened to gone to bed at 6:30 AM a mere 4 hours before.

Chilled by the pool for about an hour after that which was really nice.

Guy at waterfront house

Me and Kasper and Øyvind then went to get Thai massages something that left it’s mark as the masseuse was pretty rough and I found myself cringing in pain several times. Are you supposed to be in pain during a massage? No, didn’t think so. I was much more pleased with the massage I got the first day. Theres something humungously awkward about getting a massage from someone of the opposite sex who doesn’t understand a word of what you say and to whom sign language communicates better than words.

I had some Baht (local currency) left that I wanted to spend so a quick visit to the street markets rid me of 150Baht (about $5) for a T-shirt. Hurried back to the hotel as our ride to the airport was scheduled to leave 10 minutes ago.

The rest of the day is plain boring travel stuff so I won’t bore you with it.

I think I’ll watch the rest of  The Town before getting a bit more of shut-eye so I can greet Sydney with a smile.


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