Sydney skyscape


Sydney bay panorama

Sydney is a spectacular city. It’s skyline dotted with skyscrapers it’s streets lined with parks and recreational areas. I could easily live here.

The day started quite early. I grabbed my longboard and went for a sunrise cruise along the beach at 7AM. Then me Kasper and Simen grabbed breakfast at Hungry Jacks.

Bondi Beach Fun creds to Øyvind Lilleberg for the photo

At ten thirty we set off for Sydney City, taking the bus first then the ferry arriving at Circular Quay. We wondered over to the Sydney Opera with ice creams in our hands. I swallowed some disappointment at seeing it. It wasn’t quite as beautiful as I expected. But the usual paparazzi photography shooting had to happen. We then wandered into the Botanical Gardens. I found this bird that really digged being photographed.

The Opera

Bird in the city

We tried to find a skyscraper that we could get to the top of but that didn’t work out. We could have taken the tour of the tallest tower in Sydney if we’d spooned out 100AUD.

After wondering the streets for a while and being ditched by our group 3 of us ended up taking a taxi back to the Backpacker.

Surfers at Bondi beach

Rest of the evening we slacked at the beach and ate dinner.

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