Whargo’s, surfing and skydiving tomorrow

Whargo’s bay. Here amongst others Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise owned a house when they were together.

Me and the 7mile beach

Speaking of houses. You won’t get one under 2 million Aussie dollars in this bay.

In the shade of Byron Lighthouse with a lovely white beach all for itself this place is for the rich and wealthy.

We were free to do as we wanted till 5 pm today.

I went on a search for some awesome hippie pants I’d used when painting yesterday.

The shop I found them was Scallyrags. What a genius name for a clothing shop.

Then a few of us went for a drive south along the coastline stopping at the Lighthouse. Here you can get the most amazing view of the 7 mile beach which you can see behind me in the photo.

the guys

We drove the 7 miles to the other end of the beach and had a look at the beach where Endre and his wife got married then went skinny dipping with all but the priest. (tidbit there :p )

I felt the call of nature and stepped off the path to pee. Stood there a few seconds before noticing my head was touching a spider web. Looked up and BAM! Right above me was a spider half the size of my hand.


We headed back, stopping at a café to eat a pie and a doughnut for lunch.
Picked up some surfboards at the hotel and headed back to Whargo’s bay for some more surfing!

Me and the 7mile beach

At around 4 we had to return back.

At the hotel we picked up a guy called Johnny. He is a independent filmmaker who Endre knows.

We headed back to the shed to watch his film “Two weeks” and then discussed it with him.

After that we all ate out at Byron Thai. It was delish.

Now I’m too tired to write any more so good night 🙂


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