New Documentary Pilot Project

After a week of visiting Azerbaijan the winner of Eurovision 2011 and filming on various locations. I am now settling down to work in Norway for the summer. And with over 20GB of material to edit into a short 10 minute pilot documentary on Azerbaijan and Eurovision.
I got this idea 2 nights before I was to fly out to Azerbaijan, that i’d shoot a pilot, and try selling the idea to Norwegian Television.  So I grabbed all my video gear and flew out there with nothing but an idea to start off with. Now I’m sitting at Riga international airport in Latvia combing through the gigabytes of material and dreading the weeks that lie ahead. I have to make some calls to media companies based in Oslo and arrange some meetings to pitch the idea. Pretty stoked on how this might turn out! If I get a contract and funding I’ll be flying out to Aserbaidsjan at least 2 more times before the grand event in May 2012. This time with a camera crew and all the right gear and more time on my hands. Here are some previews of the material in photos.

Baku Boulevard Promenade at nighttime is a pretty sight

Azeri Fisherman off coast of Azerbaijan

Flame Towers Baku Azerbaijan

Sunrise Baku City Bay ViewGala

Horse by the Caspian sea

Gala. A 14th century Fortress on the Absheron peninsula

Gala. A 14th century Fortress on the Absheron peninsula

Hope you liked the Idea and Photos. Stay tuned for updates 😀

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  1. […] biting cold, at least for some of us. Australia is a distant  memory to dream. I made the trip to Azerbaijan safely. I’ll be spending christmas here  with my family. There is nothing more rewarding […]

  2. […] spent this christmas and new years in Azerbaijan, home to the 2012 Eurovision Song contest. I would like to thank all of you my readers. Thank you for a good year! And happy new year to you […]

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