Minute-by-minute. The coastline of Norway.

I noticed this on national TV here last friday, and wondered what on earth it was.
Apparently NRK the national tv channel of norway managed to free 5 days worth of sending time on the channel to continuously stream a lifeed, videofeed, call it what you want… from a famous boat MS NordNorge that operates in the Hurtigruten fleet of “cruise” ships that run the coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes. And thereby making history as they set a world record of longest live TV coverage. This means they had a team of 32 cameras, a satellite connection and 5 days to film live the ship travelling from Bergen to Norway. Non-Stop!


Quite a daring and challenging feat. Which they pulled off with flying colors.
Topping the charts as Norways most watched TV channel with over 2.5 million Norwegians watching and with many hundreds of thousands of international watchers via its online live stream.
The live video from the ships is available for download with bit torrent and can be used under the creative commons licence by anyone.

Hiurtigruten Route

Hiurtigruten Route

I am currently in the process of downloading over 70GB of full HD video from the cameras on board which I intend to edit and post online on my Youtube account.
Stay tuned.
And check out the website of NRK at this link to watch the 5 day TV show.
Just by scanning through it you can experience norwegian nature and culture up close as the 8040 minute boat trip takes you to the prominent cities along the coastline.
Here is a small taste of the 5 day show:


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