Canon 70-200mm F4 Telezoom reviewed


Im back with another review of  my gear.
I just aquired the Canon 70-200mm f4 lens.
My initial intention was to get the f2.8 is lens. But things cost twice as much here in Norway compared to everywhere else.
If you have ever used the L series lenses Canon produces you will be familiar with how exceptionally sharp they are.
I am too good at comparing things, and as most things in the world, the 70-200 f4 also suffers the fate of comparison.
This time to its superior all mighty f2.8 isII lens.

In my hands it (and i will refer to the f4 as “it” for the sake of saving energy typing) feels very solid. Very well built and true L series lens build.
This thing will definately survive a few knocks and bashes.

Specswise it clearly is the runt of the family, falling short on the large aperture and image stabilization of the other lenses in the line of telezooms.
The IS it doesnt have is also a shortcoming that is noticable.
If I was to sacrifice something in these lenses it would be the IS for a bigger aperture.
Why? Because you can stop up the shutterspeed to compensate for any movement. And still not have to sacrifice any ISO.

But if you are the owner of “it”. Then you clearly have thought this well through.
As an L series lens it is in fact one of the cheapest. If not THE cheapest of them all.
You get a lot of lens for your ching-ching!
IT is half the price of its slightly older brother the f4 is.
If I was going for the price range of the f4 is. I would rather get the f2.8 USM because it is just about the same price and, like earlier stated. F-stop over IS.

I will probably be selling my lens later on this year and getting THE lens (f2.8isII).
But for now. I am excited to get out and take lots of festival pictures. Cuz if you read my last blog, I am going to a music festival for a week.

Cheers guys!

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