DIY follow focus knob

I got an idea while i was looking at the rear lens cap of my 70-200mm lens. It is the perfect size for a follow focus knob.
Combine it with the camera body cap and sandwich  a plastic disc in between the two and you’ve got half of the diy follow focus ready!
The lens caps go for about $2 for a set of two on ebay .

Follow focus diy parts

Combine that with a HUCO L gearbox and some gears and you have yourself a very cheap DIY follow focus.
I’m going to order an L gearbox soon and test this out.

2 Responses to “DIY follow focus knob”
  1. kronstadt says:

    This Huco L-box is a very interesting find. Did you manage to construct that DIY Follow Focus?
    If yes, which Huco L-box did you use? the cheaper Acetal or the more expensive Steel one?

    Is there an give or play? Since this is prety robust industrial item, I would me surprised if there was any give or plsy. Is there any?

    Also, how did you attach the cap/knob to the Huco L-box’s arm??? did you weld it or what?

    I’m thinking about making a DIY Follow Focus out of this L-box. The trouble is that it will only be able to rotate on one side, and I don’t want to get the more expensive T-box.

    • hey! and thanks for your comment.
      Since I started that project I have purchased an indisystems follow focus which uses a huco L-box and therefor havent completed the DIY project. Though I do have plans to complete it.
      The Huco-L acetal gearbox does have a bit og play. Which is sad, but once you get used to it not really an issue.
      As for attaching the shaft to the cap I was thinking of using a threaded motor shaft extender of this kind:
      on both arms and drill a hole in the male cap and slip a nut on the screw inside as well as putting a dab of glue to ensure it stays put.

      Hope this helps. Will order the parts i require to finish this tutorial 🙂

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