Cameras for all

All the photos below were taken on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and edited on the tablet with Photoshop Express and Little Photo.


The musician


Road to nowhere


Confined to earth

“Photography isn’t about the camera, but rather the image captured”

– this is something most photographers will tell you. If the picture is interesting, evokes controversy or feelings only then is it worth something. It doesn’t matter if you took the picture with your grandfathers first pinhole camera or your first cousins uncles’ Canon 1D, the subject still defines the value of the shot.

With this in mind I want to delve into a new field of cameras.
Mobile phones nowadays are nothing if they don’t have at least 1 camera built in.
They are also getting better and better at taking photos, some of them sporting sensors and optics that even compact cameras would be jealous of.

All of a sudden anyone and everyone has a camera at their disposal, albeit not quite comparable in quality (yet) to a pro DSLR. And yet very much capable of taking decent photos.

I want to see a professional photographer adopt a mobile camera and put it to use i a session. It would be interesting to see what creative solutions he/she would come up with to substitute for the shortcomings.
My phone has a very basic 3,2 mpx camera with a flash.
It also has another very promising feature. Apps.

iOS photography apps

I can download countless android applications such as Photoshop Express, directly to my “camera” allowing me to edit onboard the device. Something you can’t do on any high end dslrs. Phones are increasingly taking over the computer market, with more powerful processors, higher resolution screens and countless new functions.

Nokia-N8-Canon 7D

It will be interesting to see where the mobile phone will be as a camera 5 years from now. We can already use iPhones with expensive Lseries lenses 🙂 It surely isn’t going to stop there.


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