Last minute party salad.

Party Salad for the masses

I really have taken to making these food blogposts. I must be the most diverse blogger on the interwebz.

Heres how you make a 5 minute party salad.
Take your pre-boiled macaroni- it has to be pre-boiled or it’d take more than 5 minutes to make the salad.
Add a decent amount of pesto and mix well.
Mix in some party salad (I had this mix pack of ready made salad-y stuff)
Cut up the remaining cherry tomatoes from yesterday  and throw them in the bowl.
Dump some pineapple pieces into the pot and add plenty of party dressing.

Salad ayeah!

All you need is a party. Ey, who said one man party?

Tips to making the salad even more smashing:
Add feta-cheese cubes..mmm, delish!
Add squared ham or chicken bits.
Add sesame seeds.
Add friends and champagne!


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