Social media on Bombings in Oslo, Norway

More than ever before Social networking sites such as Twitter and facebook are playing a bigger part in organizing, obtaining and sharing infrmation. A quick look at twitter confirms this as trending topics such as #Utoya and #osloexpl see thousands of people sharing information on a world basis. As I write this, news of bomb threats in  Oslos airport Gardermoen are rolling in. Again. Spread like wildfire on walls and news feeds as the world media focuses all its attention on the case at hand.

Social media to the rescue

It is important in times like this to milk the cow and put facebook to good use. Such as this event that was created a few hours ago that calls on people to ‘check in’ and thereby say that they are in good shape. Immediately a picture of the future springs to my mind. After a disaster, terror attach or anything for that matter an electronic device (phone) would send out a text that confirms if the owner is alive and kicking.
This would help search and rescue + medical personell a great amount!

Support groups such as this one help to bring unity to people as thousands show their concern by “attending”.
Now more than ever victims of such tragic occurrences  also stand a chance of obtaining help and serving as “insiders” in such situations.
Unconfirmed reports streamed in from victims on Utøya  as they texted, tweet and facebooked family and friends while the shooting was taking place. This shows the enormous potential of the technology. Lifesaving.

Before and after bomb explosion

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