The state of Oslo, Norway

Currently an emergency situation is undergoing in Norways capital Oslo.
7 people are declared dead as a result of massive explosion(s) next to the main state building located in Oslo city center.
As many as 4 people have also been shot as a man dressed as a policeman pulled out what sources say to be an automatic weapon and
started shooting at visitors on the Utøya island just outside of oslo where the state was hosting a summer camp for employees.
Reports of new explosions in Oslo have been heard but not confirmed.

Oslos streets littered after massive explosion

UPDATE: The small island of Utøya was host to several hundred children and teens on summer camp organized by the norwegian labor party.
Unconfirmed reports say as many as 20 people have been shot, most of whom were children.
This is clearly an attack on the government! the norwegian state!

Utøya where the shooting occured, people were trapped on the small island!

I’ll be back with more throughout the evening.

UPDATE: I find it ironic not be able to see a video from my own country in my own country!

huffington post is lame

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