3 ways social media is helping: Norway attacks

In the last 24 hours terrible atrocities have been committed in Oslo and Utøya, Norway.
Close to 100 people have been killed in what has been the worst scenario since WWII.
Social media have had a huge part in this. Here is a list of how they are helping the situation.

1. Helped get the word out to the police in the first place. It is unclear as to how police and rescue squads first heard about the
situation on Utøya. But twitter has played a huge role in victims reaching family and friends as massacre was taking place.

2. Helped and are helping to bring unity to a nation shocked by the events of the past 24 hours. Groups/events such as
this one  have close to a million followers constantly updating and posting supportive and constructive comments.
These groups no doubt serve as a supportive hand to the victims and their families, in showing that the people of Norway(and the world for that matter) really care!

3. Suspect Anders Behring Breivik (32) left a trail of information on social media networks twitter and Facebook that could be of vital information to further investigation by the police. At the same time he may have deliberately placed this information out in the open to sidetrack investigations. So far reports say otherwise.

Anders Breiviks Twitter page, with his only tweet

the suspects facebook page


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