Terrorist Anders Breivik used this gun.

His detalied journal leading up to the events of 22.07 stated that he used the HK416 assault rifle as his main weapon on Utøya.
The same gun sources say to have been used by Navy SEALs to kill Bin Laden with.
A photo of the gun can be seen below.

Automatic rifle used by Anders Breivik

UPDATE: Sources now say he used a Ruger Mini-16

Ruger mini-16 used by Anders Breivik

The gun mentioned in the manuscript he wrote was the gun he thought would be best befitting an urban “attack”.

6 Responses to “Terrorist Anders Breivik used this gun.”
  1. Fallon Call says:

    Where are you getting this information from, call of duty, modern warcraft?

  2. Jason says:

    It does not state that, it states that is his optimal equipment to use for urban operations. The only picture anyone seems to have with him holding a rifle looks to be a Tacti-cooled Ruger Mini-14. Time will tell what he did use. Regardless of what was used, too many people died for some persons misguided beliefs. Most of them just children.

  3. Astonished says:

    He wrote that he used a Mini-14 with soft tip bullets he had hollowed, filled with pure nicotine and sealed again. (Search “nicotine” in his .pdf manifesto.)
    What a nice young lad!

  4. antes says:

    if im anders i will use ak 47 and grenades..

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