Why bomb in Oslo was a decoy!

At 15.26 a bomb exploded outside the norwegian state office building where amongst others the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg had his office.
The bomb killed 7 and injured 30 people.
Two hours later police receive reports of shooting on the island of Utøya, about 34 minutes drive from Oslo.

Text message from victim on island of Utøya

It takes police exactly 1 hour before 18:25 before they have a troop on the island. Shortly after Anders Breivik was captured.

Why the bomb was a decoy:
 Again, referring to his journal. Anders Breivik outlines what types of strategies he could use.
One of his strategies being this:

Statergy outlined in 2083 A Decleration of European Independence by Anders Breivik

He goes on to describe more deeply the actions of 22.07.2011 in this paragraph.

With the police, army and all other rescue operations teams focused on the explosion in Oslo.
Combined with the bad timing with traffic running out of Oslo this lead to Police taking 2 hours to reach the island.
Reports say Anders Breivik was on the loose for as long as 2 hours, killing 86 on the island before being arrested by police.

One Response to “Why bomb in Oslo was a decoy!”
  1. Bare hyggelig! Likte filmen kjempe godt! Tok meg en titt gjennom alle filmene deres og jeg må bare si at dere er superflinke! 😉

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