Use your phone as a Live View monitor and DSLR controller!

The DSLR community has been waiting for this for months.
An finally we have an app that gets rid of your chunky low battery performance computer. And lets you hook your Canon DSLR right up to your phone.
DSLR Controller a $9 app for Android OS lets you control all your cameras functions and see live video from it at 15 fps. }
It uses a USB Host cable to link the two.  My first thought when I saw this was:
Finally a good solution for all of us who don’t want to invest hundreds of  $$ in expensive high resolution monitors for our DSLR video rigs.
Just imagine using the iPhones retina display (640p)to take critical focus points. Way better than using Marshalls $500 monitor (480p)
monitor.  This is also a potential for mobile EVF`s . Fit a LCDVF over your mobile phone screen and you’ve got yourself a nice EVF.

Bring out the tablets and you have even more screen real estate.

4 Responses to “Use your phone as a Live View monitor and DSLR controller!”
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