The state of wireless

world wireless map by daniel feidal wifi gsm % coverage

As wireless GSM and WIFI netoworks are springing up like fresh grass in the spring it leads me to wonder…
How much of the earths surface area is ‘in wireless range’? Or to put it simpler. The percent of surface with a network of some sorts.

Turns out a company called Staircase 3  already has assed this. They ave launched an app for android that measures signal strengths, records location data and uploads it to the cloud-in this case a map which anyone can see.

With over 600K towers and counting this map is probably the best there is for showing what are GSM phone networks cover today. This is by no means a complete map and is constantly being updated by users of the app.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be researching deeper into this. And will try to make a final estimate of the actual % of surface are that has netowrk coverage.
Stay tuned.


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