Hurricane Katia on my doorstep


Monday morning i set off on a 3 day trip with my class to an island called Ombo. Situated about 1,5 hours east of Stavanger by boat the island serves as a small tourist attraction for visitors and locals. Monday afternoon upon arrival we immediately set off to walk to its highest point, Bandåsen 513m above sea level. It rained rather steadily throughout the walk. We got back to the cabins and dried off and toolk the rest of the evening off to play games and enjoy the evening.
At night we all went to bed with hightened expectations for the day to come as we were going to do this forest sky-walk trail.
Tuesday: I wake up to the sound og gale strong winds and rain beating down on the roof. Hurricane Katia has hit.
After wreaking havoc along the coast of USA for a week or so, Katia jumped across the atlantic and now in a category 1 state tropical storm is hitting the coast of Norway.
As I look out the window now, å understand why the Adventure class didn’t get to go on their 3 day hike-camp out. In these winds and rain it could be life threatening to be camping out, and hiking all day long.
We’ll see what the day brings further.
Its still half dark outside. I’m going back to bed.


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