Could this be the next big thing?

On November 3rd Canon is rolling out the red Hollywood carpets.

Canons red carpet event

Could this be what we all have been waiting for? The release of the new 5D Mk3?!
I guess time will show. And I’m super excited.

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  1. […] It’s been a while since we saw updates to Canons professional top of the line DSLR’s. Finally the 1D X is out, bringing sky high ISO values of 204,800 and a $6,800 price tag to match. Built in network port for fast transfer of files and networking along with a bunch of new specs. Indeed, this just makes my mouth water even more for the release of the next 5D (MKIII?)   […]

  2. […] as Canon rounds the numbers at 50mill EOS units sold worldwide they drop a couple of bombs at their Holywood event. (As if it wasn’t enough with the new 1D MK X) The first and biggest being the new Canon […]

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