Visions of Norway. Sunset at Stapnes

Visions of Norway.Sunset at Stapnes
I’m travelling again. I’m on the film set of a feature film being shot on the west coast of Norway in Sogndal. I’m production assistant for 4 days. The film is set in the 1300s. and revolves around life in Norway and the plague.
While we were out shooting today I took myself the freedom to sneak away from the set and take this photo.
There will also be a short video from the same place out soon on my youtube channel.
Subscribe to the channel to be alerted when it’s out.
HDR image
+,- 2 EV
3 images automated in Photoshop and graded.
What do you think?

9 Responses to “Visions of Norway. Sunset at Stapnes”
  1. This picture is fantastic! Have fun over the next few days ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That scene is just divine, you captured it beautifully.

  3. lightbox3d says:

    Fantastic tone mapping! Great…

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