DIY LCDVF solution for HDSLR’s

It’s been a while since I did a DIY post for you photographers and filmmakers out there.
So here goes.
I just received a DSLR LCD screen protector in the post the other day and set to work on  making an alternative way of attaching my
dslr viewfinder to my 550D camera.

This technique works for all lcd viewfinders and screen protectors such as the one mentioned above can be bought for most camera models.
The frame of my lcd viewfinder attaches by double sided tape to the body of my camera and is meant to sit there permanently. But it tends to get in my way when I’m not using the camera to shoot video.

Some lcd viewfinders have alternative ways (straps, magnetic frames etc) of affixing the viewfinder. But most of them use pastic/metal frames.

You are going to have to use some superglue and glue the back of the frame to the LCD screen protector. Be careful not to put too much glue on the frame, as you don’t want it smearing or running out on the glass of the LCD screen protector.
Put some pressure on them and leave them to dry.

Your NEW LCD viewfinder attachment system is ready!
It’s now easier than ever to switch from video to photo mode. Just slip the LCD screen protector off and replace the normal eyepiece.
This is also great for hot-swapping the  LCD viewfinder between other cameras and yours. Without having to go to the trouble of gluing on a new frame.


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