DIY DSLR mini-dolly

So you just got into the DSLR video game, and need a cheap way to make those smooth dolly shots a reality.
Well, I threw together this post just for you!  Make one for under $20.

You’re going to need 4 furniture wheels/casters (check if they have bearings-it’s better if they do) that can be found at your local hardware store for cheap. A piece of wood of approximately 2cm thickness.
See the photo for reference on the length and width. These can vary according to your stability needs. If you are using a large DSLR I would suggest you choose a size that is larger than if you have a light small camera such as the GoPro or point and shoot cameras.
Get some screws that you can use to attach the wheels to the wood.
You can get a can of black (matte) spray paint to give your dolly a more professional finish.

For tools: Saw, Drill and an assortment of drill bits.
You will also need a bolt (mounting screw)that has these dimentions:1/4-20 (1/4″ diameter, 20 threads per inch)
to attach you camera, or your tripod head to the wood plank. Also available at a hardware store.
Some camera tripod heads use 3/8″ mount screws, check if yours does before you buy the wrong mounting screw.

Measure out and cut your wood plank and apply a couple of layers of black paint and let dry.

Position your wheels on the plank, as close to the edge as possible. Mark the screw holes and pre-drill them with a small drill bit.
Mount the wheels. Make sure they are all parallel so the dolly goes straight when rolled.

Drill a hole dead center of the plank and stick your mounting screw through.
You can now attach your camera directly, or a tripod head if you want.

You have now completed your brand NEW video DSLR dolly!

Tip: I found making a ‘track’ with duct tape helped smoothen out the dolly. Providing more grip for the wheels.
Try to get rubber wheels with ball bearings, I initially used the ones depicted but upgraded to some slightly more expensive rubber ones for a much smoother experience.

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