Time travel. Analog Christmas

Winters darkness has settled over us and the wind outside is biting cold, at least for some of us.
Australia is a distant  memory to dream. I made the trip to Azerbaijan safely.
I’ll be spending christmas here  with my family.
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your photos on good old paper, taken with an analog (yes!…non-digital)
SLR camera.

“there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your photos on good old paper” 

Thats why I dug out an old Praktica MTL3 I got from an aunt many years ago when she upgraded and dusted it off so I could have a go at shooting with the good, the complicated and the unreliable.

After developing a couple of films I quickly discovered it had to have a light leak somewhere. Probably the broken flash hot-shoe on the top. But nevertheless the pictures I got out of it are quite alright. Have a certain cool retro look to them.

“the pictures have a certain cool retro look to them”

The lens on the camera is an M42 mount Pentacon 1.8/50. All manual. Not an easy job to focus. But makes wonderful circular lens flares as you can see in the photos above.
Being a large aperture lens, and a good one at that I decided I want to use it with my Canon 550D. But the M42 mount wont work.
A quick search on Ebay and I found what I need.
Will be testing this lens on my digital SLR. Could turn out to be a really good video lens.
collage, street photography, photography, baku, azerbaijan, travel, analog

“the bokeh is surprisingly delicious!”

It performs really well in low light, and considering this was all shot on 200ASA (ISO200) film at shutter speeds ranging from 30-60 indoors and outdoors. The bokeh is surprisingly delicious. I am no expert.

For you DIYers out there. Here is a cheap filmmakers lens! No where else will you find a lens that can give you that depth of field cinematic look you’re wanting so badly for that price!

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