Flux-A constant state of change

This short-film is dedicated to Daniel Henriksbø and Mats Bjarg whom I worked on set with for another film shot on the same seaside location as you see here.
Their lives were claimed by that very sea just over a month ago.

Rest in peace!

This short artistic film started over a year ago.
I wanted to create an aesthetically captivating short that was driven by short ‘moments’.
Some of the clips i shot inspired Slo.

I want to thank the people who contributed to the making of this video.
Øyvind Lilleberg– for some outstanding clips from Lake Mckenzie, Australia.
Erlend Elvesveen– for the soundtrack.
Hans Olav Lee- for helping out on the dance shoots
Guro Solem and Kasper Kvicksson- for modelling in the dance shoot + the backflip scene.
Jan Leonhardt- for doing those awesome slides on his longboard.

Hope you all enjoy the short film!

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