The comforts and discomforts of international travel

You know the worst thing about travelling is the airports.
The badly timed and often way too prolonged time gaps between flights.

Ever sat in a terminal at a big airport?
Ever tried to sleep while 4000 people bustle on an off planes, hurrying to get to their ‘oh-so-important‘ destinations?

Crumpled together on an uncomfortable two-man airport seat i close my eyes and hope to close out the world, for just a few precious minutes of rest from the hustle and bustle of international, multi-flight travel.

The first thing that I notice, is the never ending airport-esque lounge music they play over the loudspeakers.

Over and over and over.

Monotonous, humongous!

At times it is drowned out by the cackle of people, herds pouring out of the gates.
Then of course there is the worry that my stuff might get nicked by some unfortunate individual who wants to milk my insurance company.

Or just the repetitiveness of travelling ‘the standard way’ in general.

Repeating security checks, passport controls. Then more security checks.

But hey, here I am ranting on about how terrible i think travelling is. If only there could be some more ADVENTURE to it.

Unpredictability begin!

So I’m on my plane. It’s been sitting on the taxiway for over an hour. I’ve missed my next connecting flight and I’m fuming inside. Going over all the quirks that annoy me the most about air travel. And this airline.

But then it dawns on me.

This is an adventure. I got on this plane with no idea it was going to be this late, that  I would miss my next flight. Lets see what Riga brings. I’ll be getting in late, probably after the last flight to Stavanger.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll get a hotel room til tomorrow.

After all I have no urgent business 🙂

4 Responses to “The comforts and discomforts of international travel”
  1. Justina says:

    Lovely shots, Happy New Year!

  2. cavepainter says:

    Airports and airlines can be pretty bad. I once went through a 48 hour saga of getting from colorado to korea because my first flight kept getting delayed and again and again until it became impossible to catch my intended connecting flights…. and then my luggage wasn’t there when I finally got to the last airport.

    The first photo is good but I like the second photo at lot too. If you lean back there’s three big bands of color stretching across it. Kind of like a minimalist painting.

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