2011 in Photos

Twenty eleven

has been a fantastic year for me!
It has been the year that I travelled half way around the earth…Twice!
I have added 2 new countries to my list of visited. I have met some amazing people, some more special than others!
I have attended and become an intern at an amazing film and photography school.
And most of all I hope to continue into 2012 with the same enthusiasm to take and share both photos and short films with you my faithful readers. PS: you might want to let this page load, if you have a slow connection. As there are many photos.
So without further ado.

“2011 in photos”

 Celebrated the new year in the north of Norway (click the photos to see the related posts)
 Started this blog page! 

 Took the most amazing trip to Thailand and Australia.

 Said goodbye to the fantastic people at my school. 
 Flew to Baku, Azerbaijan to be with family.

 Attended the Seaside Music&Missions festival with some great friends!

  Visited Germany, joined a film crew for a short film.
  Greeted new students, now as an intern.

  Trekked to Ombo, shot a shortfilm (out soon). Visited preikestolen.

 Met my girlfriend. Travelled to Oslo to do a media-tour of the city. Fall break.

 Starred in my first feature film (hehe). Rediscovered coastal Norway's true beauty.

 Travelled to Baku, Azerbaijan to celebrate Christmas and the new year. 
 Took the step back to analog.

And so, another year flew by!
How was your 2011?

I realize I havent included all the months of the year. I included these because of the sheer amount of work that goes into making the graphics, and because these events here are the most exciting and important ones

In the past year have gained these faithful readers of my blog and want to pay them back by asking all of you to visit their respective blogs and subscribe to their feeds.
Igo My Way
Nicole Ftacnik Photography
Deremer Studios
Shutter Bug
Studio Brow: The Cosmetic Ultralounge
ilOOk streetstyle
Neelansh itkan

Happy New Year!

If one of these photos made you stop and think. Please consider pressing the Like button and +following my blog.
You can expect more quality material here.

4 Responses to “2011 in Photos”
  1. Great post and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Wonderful collection – love the collage!

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