The importance of storyboarding in your shortfilm

An update on my upcoming short-film: Read the previous blog post.
One thing I have learned the hard way while shooting the short film is the real importance of having a storyboard when shooting, for all the scenes, at all times.
The script is important, but when working as a director or DP you really need those simple sketches to guide your through your shots.
One thing I found helpful is to visit your location beforehand, bring your camera and photograph the angles you want to get in your film.

You can then use these photos to do character blocking in your imaging software, and use these in your storyboard.

Don’t waste time drawing complicated and detailed scenes. Just get the image in your head down on paper.

Ok, so you shot your film without a storyboard. You found out that you missed a scene or two, or an important angle of the scene.

“What can you do to save the day?”

If you are going back to your location later in the shoot plan a retake.
Retakes are time consuming and might not be so popular with your actors, especially if they are volunteering for free in your short film.
Therefore, plan your shot carefully.

“Make a retake sheet”

Write down your notes and print out several copies so you can be sure you have one when you’re back on set.

Thats all for now folks. Hope this can help you.
Now I’m going back to editing the film.
I’ll leave you with the specially composed soundtrack for the film.

Amélie Ramm, the assistant producer and art director doing some of the editing.

One Response to “The importance of storyboarding in your shortfilm”
  1. reelization says:

    Reblogged this on Reelization and commented:
    Hey all you aspiring film-makers!
    I found an awesome blog that gives great advice on STORYBOARDS!
    This is a MUST if you are making a film…plan plan and plan!!!
    Just as you need the ingredients to make a cake…you need a story to make a film. 🙂

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