Revisiting memories

With just over one month remaining before my departure to Australia I decided to revisit some pictures I took on the gold coast a year ago.

Cliff Point Fraser
Fraser Island, Cliff Point, Queensland Australia.
A panorama made by merging 26 photos in Photoshop.
Only slightly tweaked the colors. Most of the contrast is due to me using a circular polarizer filter.

Two Trees
Lake Mkenzie, Fraser Island. Fantastic freshwater lake with water as clear as your backyard pool.

This year I plan to blog again, like I did last year. 
I have made a list of the gear I’d like to travel with:
Asus Transformer Prime: store and edit my photos as well as to write my blog posts
Fujifilm x100 or xPro1: for testing out and shooting with. (i’m super intrigued by this new breed of mirror-less camera)
FlyCam nano: to shoot smooth video for video blogs and the likes
Waterproof housing for the Asus tablet:

The list is growing.
Can you think of anything I should take?

5 Responses to “Revisiting memories”
  1. Justina says:

    Beautiful landscape!

  2. The Hook says:

    I wish I was in these pics right now!

  3. johndwm says:

    This is an appreciation of your photograpy here and your statement and photograps on Azerbaijan. I visited Baku in the soviet era. It was the speediest place I have ever seen. I love the caucasian rugs. Keep up the social observation and wonderful photographs. You may wish to have a look at my own blog and if you go to my facebook page John DW Macdonald. Greetings from scotland!

  4. niki says:

    I really enjoyed this post! I love the color of the water in the first and the last picture and the sky with the white clouds in the second image is simply amazing!

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