Time-lapse tips

Do you want to throw yourself into the world of time-lapse?
Where time is a feature that can be manipulated. Changed. Sped up?
Here are my tips and tricks.

“Beat the elements”

Wear weather appropriate clothing.
Long waits and cold weather don’t go together. 

“Less is more?”

Sometimes one camera just isn’t enough. Use 2 to capture all the action.

“Choose your settings”

I found it best to shoot at shutter speed 100 and set my ISO and f.stop according to it.
This works best in daylight. At night you might want to take longer shutter speeds (such as 3″) to get smoother motion in your time-lapses. Assuming you have moving objects or people.

“Hook it up”

Many Nikon and some Canon cameras can shoot time lapse, examine your menu and see if it can.
Shoot tethered to your PC/Mac. Canon EOS Utility or Camera Control Pro (Nikon) can do this.
If you are a Canon user you can also install Magic Lantern on your SD, then you can shoot anywhere. Without tethering!

“Software solutions”

So you shot your time-lapse. Now you have xK amount of photos clogging up your drive.
The software I use to string together my photos is Time Lapse Assembler . It’s Mac. But google time lapse software for PC.
Further more you’ll need video editing software to combine video files.

Feel free to post a link below to your time-lapse art, or your favorite time-lapse on the web.
Check out my first time-lapse below. (Combined with other footage)

2 Responses to “Time-lapse tips”
  1. AWESOME Daniel . . .No joke. Simply beautiul. I think i am your biggest fan, as i do not follow anyone anywhere, ever. How i got mixed up with you? is a mystery.. Never stop. And please keep me posted. Thank God for Facebook . . .If you know what i mean. lol

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