Down under: Day one & two

Welcome to my new travel series
Travels in Asia and Australia part two/em>;;;
This will be serving as a daily update to what I’m up to and what I see.
Be Prepared for lots of photos!
I use the term “we” a lot as I am traveling with my class.
Hope you enjoy.

Here are my packing tips:


Always pack some vitamin C and Ibuprofen. Take vitamins each day and you’ll stay healthy.
For roadtrips or extended periods of driving it can be good to bring along a FM transmitter, or an AUX cable so you can hook up your music(D).
Those long plane flights really are noisy, bring some ear plugs to help you get to sleep(A).
I brought a thermometer along to check the temperature of the spots I’m visiting.
Since I’m planning on blogging quite a bit I brought a keyboard to go along with my iPad(B). I dropped the laptop this time in favor of a 64Gb iPad for storage of photos as well.
I can edit photos on the go in PS touch and videos in iMovie. Gonna be traveling with a buddy? Bring a headphone splitter and sound amplifier and you can share your tunes, or watch a movie together.
Last but most importantly. Bring the your favorite shoes, make sure they are comfortable, especially if you’re walking a lot like i am. My converse were bought in Thailand exactly 1 year ago. Now they are getting replaced.
I travel light by wearing them til I get to Bangkok where I’m buying new ones.

After a grueling 24 hour plane run from Stavanger to Bangkok I finally get to relax.
The class had just enough time to get our stuff into our rooms at Asia Hotel before hopping in our air conditioned buses to plough our way through Thai traffic.

We were headed for Bangkok’s tallest building where we had a very respectable meal with a blend of western and Thai cousine.
Stopped by the rotating lookout point on the 84th floor to see the spectacular view. Thousands of buildings stretched out as far as the eye could see!

After that some of us went to get foot massages. Thailands specialty. Just make sure you avoid e sketchy places. Remember to ask at the reception of your hotel and check that it’s “clean”.

Now I’m bunking for the night. Long day tomorrow!



3 Responses to “Down under: Day one & two”
  1. Second shot is awesome.

  2. abraalani says:

    I was in Thailand about ten years ago, and loved it. I’m looking forward to reminiscing through your photographs! 🙂 How long will you be there?

    • I’ have gone on to Sydney now, but I was in Bangkok three days. I wonder how different Bangkok was ten years ago.
      I will be posting more photos from Bangokok shortly

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