Down under: Day three

I’m wide awake at 6AM. The air is still calm outside my window. Still dark.
I make up my mind in minutes. I want to shoot a time-lapse of the sunrise. But the canon 7D I’m traveling with can’t take time lapses. So I decide to see if I can get onto the roof of the hotel.

Mission failed. Turns out all the doors at the top floor are locked.
I head down to my room, the plan is to catch the sky train into town and see If I can get some nice morning sunrise photos.
But I meet Mooki and Joachim who are headed for breakfast, which seems like a much better idea.
After that we got into the next sky train and trundle off to town. The time is still 7AM.
A scenic walk later we are back at the hotel.
Wandering through the maze that is Bangkok I am reminded of the colorful culture and e diversity if the people.



The food stands that line the roadside emit a colorful blend of delicious smells, overpowering the smell of putrid sewage running through the canals along the asphalt.
Mooki a skater/photographer did a sweet fakie-heel flip.


Well the plane to Sydney is boarding now, and my free wifi will be cut off. Let’s talk some more in Aussie land.


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