Indiegogo and my ambitions!

Hi! So i’m all ambitios and all and have launched a campaign on indiegogo. It’s simply put a product that helps filmmakers make videos easier. Who doesn’t want things to be easier. It’s pretty simple. Maybe this video will inspire you, and help you understand what it does. Camera Lock Plate from Camera Lock Plate … Continue reading

Cheap 50mm f1.8 video lens for under $50

Indie filmmakers are always on the hunt for the best camera gear deals. Lenses are a big part of shooting HDSLR video/film. They are also very expensive. One lens that is known for its exceptional cinematic look, large aperture and shallow depth of field is the 50mm prime lens. Canon makes 2 models that are ideal for … Continue reading

DIY DSLR mini-dolly

So you just got into the DSLR video game, and need a cheap way to make those smooth dolly shots a reality. Well, I threw together this post just for you!  Make one for under $20. You’re going to need 4 furniture wheels/casters (check if they have bearings-it’s better if they do) that can be … Continue reading

DIY LCDVF solution for HDSLR’s

It’s been a while since I did a DIY post for you photographers and filmmakers out there. So here goes. I just received a DSLR LCD screen protector in the post the other day and set to work on  making an alternative way of attaching my dslr viewfinder to my 550D camera. This technique works for all lcd viewfinders … Continue reading

Aston Martin DB5 shot on glidetrack

Known for its appearance in James Bond Goldfinger, Thunderball, og GoldenEye the Aston Martin DB5 was released in 1963. Only 1021 were made. I found one at a James Bond theme party where I was shooting some video for a company. I instantly fell in love with the glidetrack. Enjoy the bokeh and blur! Shot … Continue reading

Use your phone as a Live View monitor and DSLR controller!

The DSLR community has been waiting for this for months. An finally we have an app that gets rid of your chunky low battery performance computer. And lets you hook your Canon DSLR right up to your phone. DSLR Controller a $9 app for Android OS lets you control all your cameras functions and see … Continue reading

DIY wind muff for your RØDE videomic

I have been meaning to post this for ages now. In April I saw some material in one of the classrooms in my school. It was black faux fur like this kind here. And it got me thinking. My Røde mic doesnt come with a proper wind muff. And when using it outside I usually … Continue reading

DIY cheap matte-box

Matte boxes are outrageously expensive for DSLR rigs and yet they are so important to use. The cheapest matte-boxes start at a price of $300 and range up to many thousands. I found a cheap alternative on eBay for under $10 for a filter holder, lens adapter ring and a nd filter. This is also an … Continue reading

DIY follow focus knob

I got an idea while i was looking at the rear lens cap of my 70-200mm lens. It is the perfect size for a follow focus knob. Combine it with the camera body cap and sandwich  a plastic disc in between the two and you’ve got half of the diy follow focus ready! The lens caps go for … Continue reading

Flight cases for DSLR equipment

I recently placed an order with RUFO a company supplying flight-cases to many european bands as well as selling  the parts to make them. I found an article with some very interesting information on how to DIY one so I had to order the parts. While i was away at Seaside festival  the order arrived. Here are the … Continue reading

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