Slow motion video production: Budget friendly

I recently got to work on a project that required slow motion video and also needed the use of a steadycam in almost all the shots. There are quite a few new cameras out there now that are capable of shooting faster than 60P slowmotion video. Cameras for all budgets They say the camera doesn’t … Continue reading

Shooting with a steadycam

I recently got involved in a short film project that required shooting with a Steadycam. Johannes Stromme my good friend and steady-cam operator. The plan My first thought was to get my hands on a full steadycam. My friend lent me his Glidecam 4000HD and full body brace and arm. Good start. I was on a shoot … Continue reading

DIY DSLR mini-dolly

So you just got into the DSLR video game, and need a cheap way to make those smooth dolly shots a reality. Well, I threw together this post just for you!  Make one for under $20. You’re going to need 4 furniture wheels/casters (check if they have bearings-it’s better if they do) that can be … Continue reading

Red EPIC. Makes your mouth water.

Makes me want a RED EPIC!

The EOS Movie

Just as Canon rounds the numbers at 50mill EOS units sold worldwide they drop a couple of bombs at their Holywood event. (As if it wasn’t enough with the new 1D MK X) The first and biggest being the new Canon C300. A full spec cinema camera with a line of new Canon cinema lenses … Continue reading

Quite awesome actually…

I was wondering the paths of the internets and found this promo video made with the new GoPro HD2 camera. Now back in the day when GoPro released its’s first camera, the GoPro action camera it was way less mainstream and did what very few cameras had done before. It opened up for anyone to … Continue reading

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