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Visions of Norway: Countryside Summertimes

How is your summer so far? Here’s a taste of mine! Leave a comment, and tell me one thing you have done so far…Something fun 🙂   Advertisements

Azerbaijan meets Europe

Azerbaijan just completed it’s duty as host country of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Loreen representing Sweden took the victory this year. But despite all oil riches the  country possesses a large portion of the population lives in poverty. This documentary explores the current situation further. Share on facebook: Tweet this: Share so the world can get … Continue reading

Visions of Norway: ‘Sunny beach’ with the lack thereof

Sola Stranden- or “The Sunny Beach” if directly translated from norwegian lies just off the west coast of the aforementioned country. It is a beautiful place even after the sun has settled well behind the horison to the west. I’m having a hard time choosing which color grade i like best. What do you think, … Continue reading

Visions of Australia: Fraser on fire

A lone white-breasted sea eagle circles the beachfront palm grove. Silhouetted against the color speckled clouds. It’s 06:00AM and the sun is rising on Fraser island and the 80 mile beach.

The state of the antisocial generation

Once in a blue moon I get hit by an idea or subject that isn’t remotely associated with travel or photography. I’m very thankful that happens. Imagine life with just one interest, one thing to live for… This post sprouted from a spark of Avoidant personality disorder (*more on that at the end) Skip this … Continue reading

Visions of Australia: Fervescent Fraser

It’s been two fantastic days. It has rained quite a bit. But if it weren’t for those clouds I’d never have gotten these shots. We were lucky enough to see two Dingoes- wild dogs found on Fraser. Seeing as there are just 200 of them on an island as big as it is, that’s a … Continue reading

Down under:Losing count

You know you’re on holiday when you start to lose count of the days, stop checking your watch and caring for daily showers. It’s been 3 days in Australia. The extreme heat of Bangkok is a blur now and temperatures are bearably cool at night here.

Down under: Day three

I’m wide awake at 6AM. The air is still calm outside my window. Still dark. I make up my mind in minutes. I want to shoot a time-lapse of the sunrise. But the canon 7D I’m traveling with can’t take time lapses. So I decide to see if I can get onto the roof of … Continue reading

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