Indiegogo and my ambitions!

Hi! So i’m all ambitios and all and have launched a campaign on indiegogo. It’s simply put a product that helps filmmakers make videos easier. Who doesn’t want things to be easier. It’s pretty simple. Maybe this video will inspire you, and help you understand what it does. Camera Lock Plate from Camera Lock Plate … Continue reading

DIY follow focus knob

I got an idea while i was looking at the rear lens cap of my 70-200mm lens. It is the perfect size for a follow focus knob. Combine it with the camera body cap and sandwich  a plastic disc in between the two and you’ve got half of the diy follow focus ready! The lens caps go for … Continue reading


*Dear Reader: You are part of a global movement to take over the world, you have the potential of billions, you have the power of the majority and you can therefore help me win this competition by voting for me, and of course…Convincing your friends with your influential power to help me as well.  Vote … Continue reading

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