Slow motion video production: Budget friendly

I recently got to work on a project that required slow motion video and also needed the use of a steadycam in almost all the shots. There are quite a few new cameras out there now that are capable of shooting faster than 60P slowmotion video. Cameras for all budgets They say the camera doesn’t … Continue reading

Visions of Australia: Fervescent Fraser

It’s been two fantastic days. It has rained quite a bit. But if it weren’t for those clouds I’d never have gotten these shots. We were lucky enough to see two Dingoes- wild dogs found on Fraser. Seeing as there are just 200 of them on an island as big as it is, that’s a … Continue reading

Me or Myself- Shortfilm

It has been a long time in the making. I am proud to present to you: Me or Myself Hpe you like it.

Working hard on a new short film!

Hi guys! I have been hard at work the past two weeks. In less than 10 days my biggest and so far (hopefully) best short film is debuting right here on my blog! Heres a screen grab from the editing process. Screen caps: I don’t want to reveal too much of the story, but I can say … Continue reading

Cheap 50mm f1.8 video lens for under $50

Indie filmmakers are always on the hunt for the best camera gear deals. Lenses are a big part of shooting HDSLR video/film. They are also very expensive. One lens that is known for its exceptional cinematic look, large aperture and shallow depth of field is the 50mm prime lens. Canon makes 2 models that are ideal for … Continue reading

DIY DSLR mini-dolly

So you just got into the DSLR video game, and need a cheap way to make those smooth dolly shots a reality. Well, I threw together this post just for you!  Make one for under $20. You’re going to need 4 furniture wheels/casters (check if they have bearings-it’s better if they do) that can be … Continue reading


Wile waiting for a video to finish rendering I stumbled across this stunning pice of imagery. Shot in Afghanistan on DSLR’s, it captures some amazing images of the people and places. Watch! How twisted our perception of this country has become over the years! Afghanistan – touch down in flight from Augustin Pictures on Vimeo.

Pizza 2.0 Shot on Glidetrack

Pizza 2.0 glidetrack hdslr video dslr canon 7d

We decided to make pizza. I got my camera and documented the whole process. Shot on a Canon 7D. Using: 50mm 1.4 Canon Glidetrack HD.

Aston Martin DB5 shot on glidetrack

Known for its appearance in James Bond Goldfinger, Thunderball, og GoldenEye the Aston Martin DB5 was released in 1963. Only 1021 were made. I found one at a James Bond theme party where I was shooting some video for a company. I instantly fell in love with the glidetrack. Enjoy the bokeh and blur! Shot … Continue reading


*Dear Reader: You are part of a global movement to take over the world, you have the potential of billions, you have the power of the majority and you can therefore help me win this competition by voting for me, and of course…Convincing your friends with your influential power to help me as well.  Vote … Continue reading

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