Killing time this summertime

    Hope you are having an inspiring summer! -D Advertisements

Azerbaijan! My second home.

Azerbaijan is a country of diversity and timeless culture. The people are the most hospitable and delightfully friendly people I have ever met. The landscape and nature is a sight to see. Where else in the world can you find 9 out of 10 climate zones? As an expat I have spent the biggest part … Continue reading

2011 in Photos

Twenty eleven has been a fantastic year for me! It has been the year that I travelled half way around the earth…Twice! I have added 2 new countries to my list of visited. I have met some amazing people, some more special than others! I have attended and become an intern at an amazing film … Continue reading

The comforts and discomforts of international travel

You know the worst thing about travelling is the airports. The badly timed and often way too prolonged time gaps between flights. Ever sat in a terminal at a big airport? Ever tried to sleep while 4000 people bustle on an off planes, hurrying to get to their ‘oh-so-important‘ destinations? Crumpled together on an uncomfortable two-man airport … Continue reading

Life In a Day

Life-in-a-day was a project I have followed from the first day, 2 summers ago. When it first was proposed. The movie was released this summer, one year after the world shared it’s life in a day. Recently I saw the poster and thought, this is perfect for a header to my web page.  It is … Continue reading

New updates coming soon

I’m back from my week in Germany. Brought with me a pretty strong cold too 😦 I’ll be back soon with a post i’m calling for. Tablets: why I’m ready to drop laptops and commit. So stay tuned.q

Reblogging a great blog

Some blog posts just communicate and make so much sense! This is one of them. Text me: I’ll over-analyze it. Hope you enjoy reading it.

New Documentary Pilot Project

After a week of visiting Azerbaijan the winner of Eurovision 2011 and filming on various locations. I am now settling down to work in Norway for the summer. And with over 20GB of material to edit into a short 10 minute pilot documentary on Azerbaijan and Eurovision. I got this idea 2 nights before I was … Continue reading

Many changes coming

Many changes are coming to my website and blog. Soon you wil find this blog moved to I’m also going to focus more on producing quality photo posts as well as tutorials on how the photos were edited and such. The web page will have an all new slick layout that is a lot … Continue reading

The Surfing day

SUFRFING! yeah! That basically describes all we did today. It was amazingly fun, and the surf was perfect. I got really sunburned, and wasn´t alone on that one. I rode the waves a lot better than I`d expected to and managed to surf quite a few times. Again, I didn`t take any pictures. But I`ll … Continue reading

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