Model Portraits

Recently I have been collaborating with Kim Evensen, a model based in Oslo Norway to take a series of photos to grow both our portfolios. Check out my extended portraits portfolio page for more portraits I have taken. I’m very interested in your comments and feedback so feel free to drop a comment. Advertisements

Shooting with a steadycam

I recently got involved in a short film project that required shooting with a Steadycam. Johannes Stromme my good friend and steady-cam operator. The plan My first thought was to get my hands on a full steadycam. My friend lent me his Glidecam 4000HD and full body brace and arm. Good start. I was on a shoot … Continue reading

The importance of storyboarding in your shortfilm

An update on my upcoming short-film: Read the previous blog post. One thing I have learned the hard way while shooting the short film is the real importance of having a storyboard when shooting, for all the scenes, at all times. The script is important, but when working as a director or DP you really … Continue reading

Slo. Shortfilm

As Norway is united under the shadow of the explosion and the massacre I decided to release my latest short film ‘Slo’ and dedicate it to the victims of the Utøya massacre. Ladies and gentlemen. The ever so short and ever so slow… Slo What do you think of it?

Many changes coming

Many changes are coming to my website and blog. Soon you wil find this blog moved to I’m also going to focus more on producing quality photo posts as well as tutorials on how the photos were edited and such. The web page will have an all new slick layout that is a lot … Continue reading

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