Visions of Norway- Feistein Fyr

Feistein lighthouse lies on an island just off the coast of the eastern norwegian coastline. A picturesque area more commonly referred to as Jæren. The shallow waters around the rocky island are a perilous area for seafaring ships and the lighthouse provides a guiding beacon of light to all bypassing vessels. The lighthouse was contstructed … Continue reading

Azerbaijan meets Europe

Azerbaijan just completed it’s duty as host country of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Loreen representing Sweden took the victory this year. But despite all oil riches the  country possesses a large portion of the population lives in poverty. This documentary explores the current situation further. Share on facebook: Tweet this: Share so the world can get … Continue reading

Down under:Losing count

You know you’re on holiday when you start to lose count of the days, stop checking your watch and caring for daily showers. It’s been 3 days in Australia. The extreme heat of Bangkok is a blur now and temperatures are bearably cool at night here.

Me or Myself- Shortfilm

It has been a long time in the making. I am proud to present to you: Me or Myself Hpe you like it.

Time-lapse tips

Do you want to throw yourself into the world of time-lapse? Where time is a feature that can be manipulated. Changed. Sped up? Here are my tips and tricks. “Beat the elements” Wear weather appropriate clothing. Long waits and cold weather don’t go together.  “Less is more?” Sometimes one camera just isn’t enough. Use 2 to … Continue reading

The importance of storyboarding in your shortfilm

An update on my upcoming short-film: Read the previous blog post. One thing I have learned the hard way while shooting the short film is the real importance of having a storyboard when shooting, for all the scenes, at all times. The script is important, but when working as a director or DP you really … Continue reading

Working hard on a new short film!

Hi guys! I have been hard at work the past two weeks. In less than 10 days my biggest and so far (hopefully) best short film is debuting right here on my blog! Heres a screen grab from the editing process. Screen caps: I don’t want to reveal too much of the story, but I can say … Continue reading

Cheap 50mm f1.8 video lens for under $50

Indie filmmakers are always on the hunt for the best camera gear deals. Lenses are a big part of shooting HDSLR video/film. They are also very expensive. One lens that is known for its exceptional cinematic look, large aperture and shallow depth of field is the 50mm prime lens. Canon makes 2 models that are ideal for … Continue reading

Flux-A constant state of change

This short-film is dedicated to Daniel Henriksbø and Mats Bjarg whom I worked on set with for another film shot on the same seaside location as you see here. Their lives were claimed by that very sea just over a month ago. Rest in peace! This short artistic film started over a year ago. I … Continue reading

Time travel. Analog Christmas

Winters darkness has settled over us and the wind outside is biting cold, at least for some of us. Australia is a distant  memory to dream. I made the trip to Azerbaijan safely. I’ll be spending christmas here  with my family. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your photos on good old paper, taken … Continue reading

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