Denmark It’s an opposite to Norway in many ways. They say Norway would be heaven on earth had it been warmer. It has the scenery, but not the temperatures. Denmark has the temperatures but by no means the scenery. It’s flat as a pancake and that, I have concluded, is the reason that bicycles are … Continue reading

2011 in Photos

Twenty eleven has been a fantastic year for me! It has been the year that I travelled half way around the earth…Twice! I have added 2 new countries to my list of visited. I have met some amazing people, some more special than others! I have attended and become an intern at an amazing film … Continue reading

Pizza 2.0 Shot on Glidetrack

Pizza 2.0 glidetrack hdslr video dslr canon 7d

We decided to make pizza. I got my camera and documented the whole process. Shot on a Canon 7D. Using: 50mm 1.4 Canon Glidetrack HD.

Last minute party salad.

I really have taken to making these food blogposts. I must be the most diverse blogger on the interwebz. Heres how you make a 5 minute party salad. Take your pre-boiled macaroni- it has to be pre-boiled or it’d take more than 5 minutes to make the salad. Add a decent amount of pesto and mix … Continue reading

Food: Fit for a king!

My last food entry was such a success, topping my stats with  most viewed since I posted it, that I decided I had to give it another try. Living on my own for the summer I’m always on the search for quick and tasty dinner recipes, and so are most probably you too. Since you’re reading … Continue reading


After an 8 hour work day i decided to fight the urge to sleep a couple of hours, and instead make myself a proper dinner. Here is the result So this is what i had: Pasta(Farfalle) yay! for fancy italian names. They make food sound so great! Bacon cut and fried in pieces. Sauce: Made … Continue reading

Color and shine

Me and a friend called Sang or “Song” if directly translated went for a little walkabout in downtown Stavanger and took some pictures. The theme is color and shine. Some pictures have neither color nor shine, but rules are there to be broken right. They are unedited straight from the camera What do you think … Continue reading

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