Visions of Norway- Feistein Fyr

Feistein lighthouse lies on an island just off the coast of the eastern norwegian coastline. A picturesque area more commonly referred to as Jæren. The shallow waters around the rocky island are a perilous area for seafaring ships and the lighthouse provides a guiding beacon of light to all bypassing vessels. The lighthouse was contstructed … Continue reading

Visions of Norway: Princess of The Sea

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These last few months i have spent  lot of my time capturing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline around Stavanger, Lysefjord and Jæren. The thought behind this photoshoot was to capture some of this nature and give it the human touch. The location is one of Jærens most beautiful and pristine beaches – Borestranden. The … Continue reading

On set: day two

  Back at the farm. Now shooting in a field. Picnic time!

And were done. Almost

  So i’m signing out for this time after a hectic evening of filming. Many good memories. Amongst others warching Hegra our acting dog lap water from a plastic cup. Very sophisticated. Wonderful music from our band of 2 guitars played by Endre and Rivo. And absolutely fantastic work from Frida on the cello.  Also, … Continue reading

Day 2 in Jæren

Well i’m on set. Day 2 at Jæren. Were about to start filming with the crew. Its smashing weather. Summerish in fact. Here are some pics. Both actors and other actors are set.

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