Visions of Norway: Princess of The Sea

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These last few months i have spent  lot of my time capturing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline around Stavanger, Lysefjord and Jæren. The thought behind this photoshoot was to capture some of this nature and give it the human touch. The location is one of Jærens most beautiful and pristine beaches – Borestranden. The … Continue reading

Revisiting memories

With just over one month remaining before my departure to Australia I decided to revisit some pictures I took on the gold coast a year ago. Fraser Island, Cliff Point, Queensland Australia. A panorama made by merging 26 photos in Photoshop. Only slightly tweaked the colors. Most of the contrast is due to me using … Continue reading

2011 in Photos

Twenty eleven has been a fantastic year for me! It has been the year that I travelled half way around the earth…Twice! I have added 2 new countries to my list of visited. I have met some amazing people, some more special than others! I have attended and become an intern at an amazing film … Continue reading

Visions of Azerbaijan. Thistles at sunset.

The sun dips low over the mist covered mountains. Dispersing the last rays of light, scattering them across the vegetation. These are the last rays of light this sun will cast in 2011. It’s new years eve and the sun is setting for the last time this year. Interested in how I took these photos? … Continue reading

Flux-A constant state of change

This short-film is dedicated to Daniel Henriksbø and Mats Bjarg whom I worked on set with for another film shot on the same seaside location as you see here. Their lives were claimed by that very sea just over a month ago. Rest in peace! This short artistic film started over a year ago. I … Continue reading

Wine glass of nothing

Thought I’d do a little glamour product photography session with a wine glass I found in a flower bed this morning. Here’s the result.  “Wine glass of nothing”

Visions of Norway.Pier at dusk

I’m spending the weekend in Kristiansand and went for a walk along the piers, of which there are many in town. This view caught my eye. The far off mist over the islands and the rosy red of dusk was truly idyllic.

Visions of Norway. The Quay

On my way to Preikestolen, or the pulpit rock as it is know as in english. Fantastic morning sun highlights the mountains. Grading done in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5.1. What do you think? Is it too excessive?

The secret of the window

While out scouting locations for a short film I came across a shack in the forrest. Covered in ivy and rotten wood cladding, it was the perfect spot for my short film. I took a break from filming and took a photo of the second floor window. It fascinates me how the ivy is climbing … Continue reading

Visions of Lysefjord

As I was taking the ferry across Lysefjord on om way to the pulpit rock in Stavanger Norway, I spotted the bridge. It was a perfect blend of natures and mans innovative  architecture. Such an elegant frail structure.

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