Visions of Norway: Princess of The Sea

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These last few months i have spent  lot of my time capturing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline around Stavanger, Lysefjord and Jæren. The thought behind this photoshoot was to capture some of this nature and give it the human touch. The location is one of Jærens most beautiful and pristine beaches – Borestranden. The … Continue reading

Azerbaijan meets Europe

Azerbaijan just completed it’s duty as host country of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Loreen representing Sweden took the victory this year. But despite all oil riches the  country possesses a large portion of the population lives in poverty. This documentary explores the current situation further. Share on facebook: Tweet this: Share so the world can get … Continue reading

The state of the antisocial generation

Once in a blue moon I get hit by an idea or subject that isn’t remotely associated with travel or photography. I’m very thankful that happens. Imagine life with just one interest, one thing to live for… This post sprouted from a spark of Avoidant personality disorder (*more on that at the end) Skip this … Continue reading

Azerbaijan! My second home.

Azerbaijan is a country of diversity and timeless culture. The people are the most hospitable and delightfully friendly people I have ever met. The landscape and nature is a sight to see. Where else in the world can you find 9 out of 10 climate zones? As an expat I have spent the biggest part … Continue reading

Working hard on a new short film!

Hi guys! I have been hard at work the past two weeks. In less than 10 days my biggest and so far (hopefully) best short film is debuting right here on my blog! Heres a screen grab from the editing process. Screen caps: I don’t want to reveal too much of the story, but I can say … Continue reading

Afraid of losing your camera?

If there is one thing we photographers are paranoid about, it is that our gear gets stolen or lost. It can happen so easily. Especially if we travel a lot. Coming in contact with new, exciting and unknown people is a rush. And we have to assume the best about the people we meet and … Continue reading

Silent Seeker: Premiere

The lights dim in the cinema, images flicker across the huge screen and light up the faces of the people sitting in the premises. It’s over 6 month since the first day of shooting on the east coast of Norway. Now we are a handful of people watching the results of hard work and dedication … Continue reading

The EOS Movie

Just as Canon rounds the numbers at 50mill EOS units sold worldwide they drop a couple of bombs at their Holywood event. (As if it wasn’t enough with the new 1D MK X) The first and biggest being the new Canon C300. A full spec cinema camera with a line of new Canon cinema lenses … Continue reading

The next BIG thing, canons top gun camera.

It’s been a while since we saw updates to Canons professional top of the line DSLR’s. Finally the 1D X is out, bringing sky high ISO values of 204,800 and a $6,800 price tag to match. Built in network port for fast transfer of files and networking along with a bunch of new specs. Indeed, … Continue reading

This is how terrorist Anders Breivik smuggled guns into Norway.

In his journal Anders Breivik describes how he intended to smuggle rifles into Norway. In the journal he had outlined and divided the preparations for the attack into phases. Here is the introduction to the “Weapons phase”.  

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