Denmark It’s an opposite to Norway in many ways. They say Norway would be heaven on earth had it been warmer. It has the scenery, but not the temperatures. Denmark has the temperatures but by no means the scenery. It’s flat as a pancake and that, I have concluded, is the reason that bicycles are … Continue reading

Visions of Norway. Kristiansand under moonlight

I’m spending the weekend in Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. This sight cought my eye as I was going to bed. I had to sneak out on the veranda and take a photo of it. I chose to make it black and white (crematone) because it was so dark out that there were barely … Continue reading

Back in Stavanger!

I’m back in Stavanger after a great weekend in Bergen. Been staying in myfriend Kaspers “batchelor” apartment 🙂 Had to buy myself a cheap sleeping bag from lack of bedclothes among other things in the new apartment. Experienced Bergens night life and met up with friends from Solborg to watch Brann (bergens own football team) … Continue reading

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