Model Portraits

Recently I have been collaborating with Kim Evensen, a model based in Oslo Norway to take a series of photos to grow both our portfolios. Check out my extended portraits portfolio page for more portraits I have taken. I’m very interested in your comments and feedback so feel free to drop a comment. Advertisements

A home and refuge for the elderly

In this post I take care to describe part of my day as a photographer in the corporate field. First you will see an account of what situations i met and observations I made during the process of photographing this. At the end of the article you can find some tips and rules of conduct … Continue reading

Studio Portraits

A compilation of my latest works. Photos from studio makeup/hairstyle shoots.

Why bomb in Oslo was a decoy!

At 15.26 a bomb exploded outside the norwegian state office building where amongst others the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg had his office. The bomb killed 7 and injured 30 people. Two hours later police receive reports of shooting on the island of Utøya, about 34 minutes drive from Oslo. It takes police exactly 1 hour before 18:25 before … Continue reading

This is how terrorist Anders Breivik smuggled guns into Norway.

In his journal Anders Breivik describes how he intended to smuggle rifles into Norway. In the journal he had outlined and divided the preparations for the attack into phases. Here is the introduction to the “Weapons phase”.  

Terrorist Anders Breivik used this gun.

His detalied journal leading up to the events of 22.07 stated that he used the HK416 assault rifle as his main weapon on Utøya. The same gun sources say to have been used by Navy SEALs to kill Bin Laden with. A photo of the gun can be seen below. UPDATE: Sources now say he … Continue reading

Terror suspect-no longer a suspect!

Anders Behring Breivik just admitted to the crimes he was charged with. He also has explained to his lawyer Geir Lippestad why he did it. My guess it’s something along the lines of the 1500 page document he published online before the act.

3 ways social media is helping: Norway attacks

In the last 24 hours terrible atrocities have been committed in Oslo and Utøya, Norway. Close to 100 people have been killed in what has been the worst scenario since WWII. Social media have had a huge part in this. Here is a list of how they are helping the situation. 1. Helped get the word out … Continue reading

Social media on Bombings in Oslo, Norway

More than ever before Social networking sites such as Twitter and facebook are playing a bigger part in organizing, obtaining and sharing infrmation. A quick look at twitter confirms this as trending topics such as #Utoya and #osloexpl see thousands of people sharing information on a world basis. As I write this, news of bomb threats in  Oslos airport … Continue reading

The state of Oslo, Norway

Currently an emergency situation is undergoing in Norways capital Oslo. 7 people are declared dead as a result of massive explosion(s) next to the main state building located in Oslo city center. As many as 4 people have also been shot as a man dressed as a policeman pulled out what sources say to be … Continue reading

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