Visions of Norway: Princess of The Sea

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These last few months i have spent  lot of my time capturing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline around Stavanger, Lysefjord and Jæren. The thought behind this photoshoot was to capture some of this nature and give it the human touch. The location is one of Jærens most beautiful and pristine beaches – Borestranden. The … Continue reading

Visions of Norway. Sunset at Stapnes

I’m travelling again. I’m on the film set of a feature film being shot on the west coast of Norway in Sogndal. I’m production assistant for 4 days. The film is set in the 1300s. and revolves around life in Norway and the plague. While we were out shooting today I took myself the freedom … Continue reading

Wine glass of nothing

Thought I’d do a little glamour product photography session with a wine glass I found in a flower bed this morning. Here’s the result.  “Wine glass of nothing”

Visions of Norway.Pier at dusk

I’m spending the weekend in Kristiansand and went for a walk along the piers, of which there are many in town. This view caught my eye. The far off mist over the islands and the rosy red of dusk was truly idyllic.

Visions of Norway.Rays of light

On the ferry on my way to the famous Pulpit rock or Preikestolen on the beautiful west coast of Norway. Love how the mountains appear layered .

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