Visions of Norway- Feistein Fyr

Feistein lighthouse lies on an island just off the coast of the eastern norwegian coastline. A picturesque area more commonly referred to as Jæren. The shallow waters around the rocky island are a perilous area for seafaring ships and the lighthouse provides a guiding beacon of light to all bypassing vessels. The lighthouse was contstructed … Continue reading

Down under:Losing count

You know you’re on holiday when you start to lose count of the days, stop checking your watch and caring for daily showers. It’s been 3 days in Australia. The extreme heat of Bangkok is a blur now and temperatures are bearably cool at night here.

Oh mamma! Were gona go surfing!

Sunny day in Stavanger town. And I have been surfing. The surf is small today, but ok for a chill surfsession.

Whargo’s, surfing and skydiving tomorrow

Whargo’s bay. Here amongst others Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise owned a house when they were together. Speaking of houses. You won’t get one under 2 million Aussie dollars in this bay. In the shade of Byron Lighthouse with a lovely white beach all for itself this place is for the rich and wealthy. We … Continue reading

The Surfing day

SUFRFING! yeah! That basically describes all we did today. It was amazingly fun, and the surf was perfect. I got really sunburned, and wasn´t alone on that one. I rode the waves a lot better than I`d expected to and managed to surf quite a few times. Again, I didn`t take any pictures. But I`ll … Continue reading

The day we did nothing fun

Early rise today. Were off to Byron Bay! That makes me excited. But the thought of going through security to get on a plane for an hour and a half doesn’t! The plane ride went smooth and we arrived safely at the Gold Coast. This place is WAY hotter than Sydney is. We are lucky … Continue reading

Sydney skyscape

Sydney is a spectacular city. It’s skyline dotted with skyscrapers it’s streets lined with parks and recreational areas. I could easily live here. The day started quite early. I grabbed my longboard and went for a sunrise cruise along the beach at 7AM. Then me Kasper and Simen grabbed breakfast at Hungry Jacks. At ten … Continue reading

Aussie land: Day 1

Customs in Australia are the strictest I have ever experienced. Nuff said. It’s a new day and about 8AM as I step onto true Australia soil. New continent: check New country: check We are greeted by our bus driver that is to take us to Bondi Beach where we are staying. When we saw the bus that we were about to … Continue reading

Stavanger-Oslo-London-Bangkok Day 1&2

Stepping out of the huge Boeing 747 I breathed in the heavy humid air as I looked around at the familiar surroundings. This was the 3rd plane I’d been on in the last 24 hours. half of which were spent on this one from London Heathrow. Bangkok, the city with lots of surprises and gloriously … Continue reading

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