Slow motion video production: Budget friendly

I recently got to work on a project that required slow motion video and also needed the use of a steadycam in almost all the shots. There are quite a few new cameras out there now that are capable of shooting faster than 60P slowmotion video. Cameras for all budgets They say the camera doesn’t … Continue reading

Time-lapse tips

Do you want to throw yourself into the world of time-lapse? Where time is a feature that can be manipulated. Changed. Sped up? Here are my tips and tricks. “Beat the elements” Wear weather appropriate clothing. Long waits and cold weather don’t go together.  “Less is more?” Sometimes one camera just isn’t enough. Use 2 to … Continue reading

The importance of storyboarding in your shortfilm

An update on my upcoming short-film: Read the previous blog post. One thing I have learned the hard way while shooting the short film is the real importance of having a storyboard when shooting, for all the scenes, at all times. The script is important, but when working as a director or DP you really … Continue reading

Afraid of losing your camera?

If there is one thing we photographers are paranoid about, it is that our gear gets stolen or lost. It can happen so easily. Especially if we travel a lot. Coming in contact with new, exciting and unknown people is a rush. And we have to assume the best about the people we meet and … Continue reading

The comforts and discomforts of international travel

You know the worst thing about travelling is the airports. The badly timed and often way too prolonged time gaps between flights. Ever sat in a terminal at a big airport? Ever tried to sleep while 4000 people bustle on an off planes, hurrying to get to their ‘oh-so-important‘ destinations? Crumpled together on an uncomfortable two-man airport … Continue reading

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