Denmark It’s an opposite to Norway in many ways. They say Norway would be heaven on earth had it been warmer. It has the scenery, but not the temperatures. Denmark has the temperatures but by no means the scenery. It’s flat as a pancake and that, I have concluded, is the reason that bicycles are … Continue reading

Visions of Norway: Princess of The Sea

photography, photo, photoes, travel, norway, jæren, model, girl, dress, clothing, sea, rock, coastline, travelling, tourism, borestrand,surfing, sky, modelling

These last few months i have spent  lot of my time capturing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline around Stavanger, Lysefjord and Jæren. The thought behind this photoshoot was to capture some of this nature and give it the human touch. The location is one of Jærens most beautiful and pristine beaches – Borestranden. The … Continue reading

Visions of Norway: Countryside Summertimes

photography, travel, norway, visions of, 2012, summer, sunset, fence, sunlight, photo, canon, dslr, 550d, 7d, 50mm

How is your summer so far? Here’s a taste of mine! Leave a comment, and tell me one thing you have done so far…Something fun 🙂  

Visions of Australia: Fraser on fire

A lone white-breasted sea eagle circles the beachfront palm grove. Silhouetted against the color speckled clouds. It’s 06:00AM and the sun is rising on Fraser island and the 80 mile beach.

Revisiting memories

With just over one month remaining before my departure to Australia I decided to revisit some pictures I took on the gold coast a year ago. Fraser Island, Cliff Point, Queensland Australia. A panorama made by merging 26 photos in Photoshop. Only slightly tweaked the colors. Most of the contrast is due to me using … Continue reading

Afraid of losing your camera?

If there is one thing we photographers are paranoid about, it is that our gear gets stolen or lost. It can happen so easily. Especially if we travel a lot. Coming in contact with new, exciting and unknown people is a rush. And we have to assume the best about the people we meet and … Continue reading

The comforts and discomforts of international travel

You know the worst thing about travelling is the airports. The badly timed and often way too prolonged time gaps between flights. Ever sat in a terminal at a big airport? Ever tried to sleep while 4000 people bustle on an off planes, hurrying to get to their ‘oh-so-important‘ destinations? Crumpled together on an uncomfortable two-man airport … Continue reading

Visions of Norway. The Quay

On my way to Preikestolen, or the pulpit rock as it is know as in english. Fantastic morning sun highlights the mountains. Grading done in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5.1. What do you think? Is it too excessive?

Visions of Lysefjord

As I was taking the ferry across Lysefjord on om way to the pulpit rock in Stavanger Norway, I spotted the bridge. It was a perfect blend of natures and mans innovative  architecture. Such an elegant frail structure.

Visions of Norway

Loddefjord. A tourist destination visited by thousands of people from all over the world. The home of Preikestolen otherwise known as the famous “pulpit rock”. I took this photo while waiting for the ferry across the fjord.

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